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Our Story

Let's start by giving you some background on how SeedsyBites was born. Finding an alternative to unhealthy food has always been a mission for my kids, but finding healthy food wasn’t an issue, finding something tasty and nutritious was the real problem. Researching and knowing the benefits of seeds, she tried different combinations for the best results. With abundance of positive feedback from family and friends, she thought of taking a step forward and helping more people opt a healthier way. BEGAN WITH A SMALL GOAL, ENDED UP SERVING A BIGGER PURPOSE. No individual should have to choose between healthy and tasty, SeedsyBites takes care of both; ticking both the boxes off. These can be popped in anytime and are very convenient. And it is no secret that "A healthy future begins from the seeds of today". So, when are you joining the SeedsyBites family for a healthier choice?