Suva Mix - Mukhwas 200gm
Suva Mix - Mukhwas 200gm

Digestive Mukhwas 120 gms

₹ 201.00₹ 240.00

These mouth fresheners, known as ‘Mukhwas’, are widely popular as an after-meal refreshment. We prepare it with various Indian herbs and seeds to please and clean the palate. It gives a cooling sensation to the mouth, freshening the breath, as well as soothing the stomach, in turn helping in digestion. It is made of 100% natural ingredients, no added colours, no added preservatives and 100% vegan. This is the classic and all time favourite mukhwas to strengthen the digestive process. It contains dill seeds, carom seeds, fennel seeds and many more natural ingredients. It also promotes absorption of nutrients. A delicious and healthy mouth freshener to relish your cravings and mouthwatering aroma. Contains all natural ingredients, it contain Fennel seeds: Low in calories. Excellent source of vitamin C. helps to improve immune health. Good Rich in antioxidant. flax seeds - These little seeds are packed with omega-3s, high in fiber, high in quality protein, Improves cholesterol and more. sesame seeds - incredibly rich sources of many essential minerals. Calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and copper. Good source of fiber and vitamin B. Rich in antioxidant. Supports healthy bones. This preparation perfectly balance the benefits of each individual seed.

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